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We’ve seen these digitally rendered splotches before, and we will most likely continue to see these mobile-friendly bar codes as our phones become the number one way to access this metastasizing thing we call the Internet.

What is a QR code?

QR stands for quick response; the code part enables you to implant your local San Diego small business digital footprint up the mobile-enhanced digital information superhighway of the local constituency.

A QR code stores information about your business that you’d like to communicate; people can then scan your specific QR code and see the info you’d like presented.

This allows you to not only connect your customers with your local business; properly implemented QR codes can also allow your increasingly mobile customers to digitally connect with each other.

And connect that all back to your digital footprint…and front door. Mobile marketing will only continue to get further integrated into our daily lives, will you be an early adopter or band-wagoner?

By simply downloading a (FREE) reader application onto our mobile phones, we can then scan any QR code and see the quick results.

So, as a consumer we need a reader to view the info stored in the favorite local business’s QR code.

As a favorite local business owner, we need to generate a code so that we can communicate whatever message we’re looking to send.

To generate a QR code for our own Carlsbad small businesses, we can search for any QR code reader online, hook up with one free by confirming your Bing Business Portal listing, or check out this site that supposedly ranks some of the best QR readers.

You can also click here to read more about implementing QR codes into your San Diego business digital marketing plan. Or check out this blog post for more ideas and background on QR codes.

What can I do with it?

QR codes can communicate your website URL, Carlsbad business social media identities, geo-location coordinates, even discounts and promotions. Basically the code can communicate whatever message you wish to send to your customers and/or potential customers.

Just like you’d use direct mail or a radio spot to broadcast the next big deal or killer sale, a QR code enables you to do the same thing.

The goal is connecting and communicating with your existing customers and recruiting new local brand ambassadors.

How you use it will probably depend a lot on what you sell, and how you deliver your products or services.

If you own a fishing charter, you can update the daily catch.

If you own a dry cleaner, you can offer a discount for local restaurant workers.

If you own a local watering hole you can connect patrons will local cab companies.

Whatever message you wish to send will probably evolve, change, or expire. That’s ok, and all part of the process.

By getting your hands dirty by first doing the research then generating the code, your mind will already be spinning with ideas to incorporate into your new local Carlsbad mobile QR code digital marketing campaign!