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Everything. Or nothing.

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Enter Google’s new +1 social sharing search functionality.

Google is the 500 pound gorilla, or elephant in the room, or whatever other images conjure up thoughts of BIG.

We know you know that they know you know they want you to know that we know this.

The question everyone is asking is how effective Google’s new +1 social sharing functionality will be for local Carlsbad small businesses?

OK, maybe it’s just us two staffers sitting around the office on Wednesday afternoon wonking away another meaningless blog post after a long Memorial Day weekend.

Timelines aside, the answers can range from unbelievably successful, to not a damn thing done changed.

The big reason (we surmise) will be participation.

Will we become more inclined to all go run out and pimp our Google Profiles in order to more accurately communicate our likes according to Google?

Be sure to check out the upcoming release of 1LocalBusiness’s opus, The World According to Google. Or you can watch their video below, but we’ll bet you dollars to VGs Donuts our production quality is far superior.

Not to answer a question with a question or anything…but how will you apply Google’s new +1 functionality toward your overall small business digital marketing plan?

That’s the more telling question that will save you heaps of time in reaching an answer to determine effectiveness.

If you’re not going to incorporate the +1 button into your Carlsbad digital marketing scheme then you can rest assured nothing will happen.

Inaction begets nothing. Or is nothingness the result of inaction…is this all this sarcasm too philosophically confusing?

+1s and digital marketing.

What’s it all for anyway, who cares…how does that really affect our local Carlsbad small businesses?

Watch the 1:30 Google +1 Video on YouTube

We’ll promise to be more analytical and informative with more +1 news in the future. Things are just starting to roll out of the Google garage in their efforts to socially compete with Facebook, for right now at least we’ll try to reserve judgment and just present the facts as they pertain to our local Carlsbad small businesses.

And we’ll keep it simple.

Or stupid.

Too bad they don’t have a -1 button huh?