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Mobile click to call Google Adwords campaigns can deliver your Carlsbad business new appointments in a jiffy.

Does your business work on appointments?
Is the phone the number one point of contact potential new customers have with your business?
How much is a potential new customer worth to your business?

If you figure how much it costs you for the typical traditional new customer acquisition method of say, direct mail, you may be overpaying…by the boatload.

Considering costs of mailing list acquisition, creative design, paper stock, size, copywriting, imagery, AND postage, that potential new customer could be worth a heck of a lot more to the average business..because you paid so much to acquire it!

And how do you even know that glossy piece of flat stock even made it to the intended mailbox?

Enter Click to Call Appointments For Carlsbad Businesses Using Google Adwords


Really we’re talking all of paid search here not just Google, but for the sake of this blog post we’ll concentrate on using click to call mobile campaigns via Google Adwords.

But really any business looking to up their bottom line numbers immediately also have Bing & Yahoo (their ad network is one in the same) to consider in their digital marketing plan, and yes even Facebook for the social PPC (pay-per-click) end of things.

With the hopes of keeping this simple, let’s first identify the necessary ingredients to planning, launching, & profiting from a mobile click to call Adwords campaign for the average Carlsbad business.

  • Did you know that over 1/2 of local searches take place on a mobile device? (Source: SearchEngineLand)
  • How about 25% percent of Americans that use only mobile devices to access the Internet? (Source:

Use Mobile Click To Call Ads To Gain More Local Customers

Starting a Google Adwords or Bing Ads account is 100% FREE…but using paid search effectively to drive down the cost per acquisition while systemically (and simultaneously) increasing the amount of eyeballs on your ads takes time, some science, some art, & a dash of nuance.

With Google Adwords (and Bing/Yahoo too) businesses can set up click to call mobile ad campaigns (or ad groups) prompting the local potential new customer to call your business with just one click of a button….or phone icon.

Whether that happens from the 1st click of the ad phone icon, or the call takes place from a mobile landing page – it’s still 100% trackable.

Let’s look at how this combination of local searches and mobile click to call campaigns can net your business some new customers…FOR LESS.

Without getting into the finer points like mobile bid adjustments, value track parameters, ad extensions, & mobile landing page development, we’ll highlight the broad strokes. Things used to be easier to segment what ads appear to which viewers, but that all changed with Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns.

First we create an ad campaign (or ad group) that we’ll use to only target either an immediate radius around the business location – like 10-15 miles for example. Or you can also target individual cities, even zip codes.

Next we’ll of course populate the click to call campaign with the necessary keywords (mobile searchers usually use less keywords) – taking into account any keyword attrition possibilities – you don’t want to repeat keywords across campaigns or ad groups. Google shows only one ad per advertiser on a particular keyword.

Then we’ll compose our ad copy, being mindful to match it toward targeted keywords and a mobile landing page.
Click to Call Adwords Campaigns for New Local Customers

Mobile Landing Pages for Click To Call Campaigns
Now here comes the kickers – adding location & call extensions, and only showing the call extension on mobile devices.

You have the choice of using a “Google Forwarding Phone Number” (they’re free) to keep track of your click to call campaigns, or your own phone number (or unique call tracking number).
Google Adwords Click To Call Campaigns for Carlsbad Businesses
To report phone call conversions its simply a matter of assigning the time period that Google will use to calculate the click to call your office as a Phone Call Conversion – the default we use is anywhere from 60-180 seconds.

3 Reasons Why Mobile Click To Call Ads Will Get Your Carlsbad Business More New Customers

People searching on a mobile phone or tablet are searching for your goods & services (think dentist, hair salon, chiropractor, massage, lawyers, tax advisors…etc.) NOW…they’re just one click away from calling your office…but that’s just hearsay.

  1. Mobile clicks cost significantly less than desktop clicks – about 30-40% less on average. (SearchEngineLand)
  2. 76 percent of mobile searchers would call to make an appointment. (SearchEngineWatch)
  3. 70% of mobile searchers click to call a business directly from Google’s search results. (Google)

How much does that new customer from your direct mail campaign cost your business to acquire?

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