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No, we’re not getting all 2012 on you. The landscape in flux here is virtual, and if your offline retail business is not prepared to deal with the shift that is already underway, the consequences could prove fatal to your bottom line.

Even if you’re a local business owner that wants nothing to do with advertising or the Internet, you still need to be prepared to at least deal with this monumental change or your business will suffer.

Dealing with change is one thing, being prepared to capitalize on change is even better.

Social media and local search are the two biggest factors either contributing to, or detracting from your profits, now and in the future.

The internet landscape has changed and will continue to do so as technology, consumer habits, and the search engines continue to affect and define your small business virtual footprint.

What we’re talking about here is using social media and local search effectively, in order to increase the online exposure for your local business when people search online (or from their phone, iPad, Xoom…) for similar products or services.

We will continue to bring you the most up to date insights and info to help you navigate this confusing course of social media and local search for the small business owner.

This is just the latest news today – Facebook will surpass Yahoo in Display Ad revenue in 2011:

Why should your small local North County San Diego business care about what the big corporations are doing?

Because the landscape is changing…and it is shifting to benefit the small business owner.

How you ask?

For that we had to choose a common starting point, this is it. We invite you to visit our blog regularly and subscribe to our feed, we will systematically present you with the tools and strategies necessary to capitalize on this online continental drift.

For now, we start with the awakening message. It is now time to hold the objectivity mirror to the face of your business, adapt to the change and prosper. Resist the change and your business will suffer, that is guaranteed. But we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We’ll get into the changes to the ‘Like’ functionality of Facebook and how that applies to your website (more breaking news for TODAY)…We’ll also examine how confirming your Google Places listing is only the beginning of your business’s local search exposure…And don’t forget about user-generated comments and reviews to amplify your local word of mouth…or social gaming (Foursquare), sharing, caring, and squaring…

Ok, we’ll stop. Consider this the beginning, and embrace the change underway. Your customers, accountant, co-workers, families, and even the Federal Government will thank you for it. Just in different ways, but that’s ok – your business will be better for it.