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Whether your business sells chicken wings, auto parts, mani-pedis, or antique gently used household chotskies; if you are not taking some advantage of social media tools for the retail business, you are losing out on money-making opportunity.

Facebook is not just for fresh air deprived, technically adept teenagers thumbing inane status updates to their gaggle of virtual friends.

Twitter is not just a place to broadcast your seemingly useless online text messages to the masses; it’s a way to sell what your customer’s experience buying and using your products or services 140 characters at a time.

These most popular social communities are not only online networking opportunities for your retail business; they are media outlets, de facto social search engines, news sources, public forums, and virtual gossip columns all in one.

You want your business to be found when people search online for similar products or services throughout their extensive personal network of friends or business associates within these most popular social networks.

You want your business to have an identity within these online communities when people start talking about products you sell and services your business provides.

Of course you want your existing customers talking good about your business – but in order to maximize that digital word of mouth, you first need to hear it.

If your business is not there when we use these media outlets to search locally for products or services that you offer, or hear about such, or talk about…where will we go?

Your retail business is part of the local offline community already; ignoring the local and social digital neighborhood is counterproductive to increasing profits, retaining existing customers, and recruiting more new customers.

Have you noticed most television commercials are pushing us toward the company or product Facebook page as opposed to a website?

How about a Facebook page, You Tube channel, Pinterest page, and Twitter profile?

Be There or Be Square

All of us people that religiously shop and buy local are already here, chatting away, searching, reading…gossiping.

There is no reason to try and make all of us leave the environment and lure us to a website so we can learn more or buy their product(s).

Just bring the products to where the people congregate.

OK, we exaggerated. Only 1 in 13 people on the entire planet are Facebook users…with the 35+ demographic representing 30% of the entire userbase. (Source:

What’s all the buzz about?

How can you recruit more local fans of your business?

Do your loyal existing customers follow your newest products or services?

Are you linked in to the latest trends in your industry?

Is it a good thing when a customer yelps in your store?

Can your Carlsbad retail business go from square to foursquared?

With those kind of statistics, a simple course of dead reckoning would immediately benefit any San Diego retail business – yes, any. By just having a local retail identity within the most popular online social communities in the world, you are more open to opportunity than you were with zero representation.

So, go to Facebook right now and begin your local retail social media journey.

“Don’t delay!”

“And that’s not all you get!”

“Wait…there’s more!”

“Hurry up and buy!” (oops, its free!)

“Do you know what the five fingers said to the face?”

Consider this your kick in the rear. Get your social identity in gear and start increasing your local retail sales!

If you have any questions, just ask – we’ve already asked most of the stupid ones ourselves already.