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After not so much feedback concerning our last post, we decided to do a super simple follow-up examination of how to profit from local Carlsbad small business social media efforts.

While we’re at it we’ll throw in some local search for good measure, the two actually go hand in hand toward taking your marketing digital.

It’s still pretty amazing how many retail establishments and small businesses out there have yet to take advantage of the social media marketing and local search opportunities out there in today’s digital (and increasingly mobile) world.

Local business owners are concerned with how neighborhood mom and pop stores can possibly compete with big box retailers…social media and local search are a good place to start that battle.

Take advantage; develop, nurture, and continually participate in your social local small business identity.

Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) is probably the number one calculation most small business owners need to be concerned with when figuring the bottom-line long-term success of their business.

Although calculating and analyzing ROI is sometimes more than confusing, defining that magic number is essential to get an idea of how your products and services are generating profit.

Generating increased profits (more new customers) should be the end goal of any local retail or small business marketing campaign. When it comes to social media for local small businesses, calculating that profit is relatively simple.

A few benchmarks can at the very least give you a clearer picture of how well your chosen marketing avenues are performing.

ROI = (Revenue – Investment) / Investment * 100

For example, let’s say you spent $200 on your monthly Pennysaver advertisement. And taking into consideration the fact that you have accurately tracked the response from that ad…let’s say you’ve grossed $2000 in revenue for the given time period (say one month):

ROI = (Revenue – Investment) / Investment * 100
ROI = (2000-200) / 200 * 100
ROI = 1800 / 200 * 100
ROI = 9 * 100
ROI = 900%

Not bad for a $200 investment…let’s just hope your real Pennysaver ad delivers similar numbers!

Now that we can calculate our success with our Results Oriented Information, how can we go about obtaining it with social media and local search?

Get Started

In order to profit from social media efforts and local search visibility, you first need to be part of the community. Don’t delay any longer; use this simple 3 Step Beginner’s Checklist to move forward with your social local marketing plan. We won’t force you to…but if you like the checklist, then please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and let us know!

By simply initiating social media profiles for your local small business and confirming (probably existing) local search profiles, you are immediately increasing local online visibility for your small business.

But be careful, that’s only the beginning. Now that your business is part of the social media and local search community, you need to take advantage of every single opportunity the media outlets and search engines make available to enhance your listing.

A user-friendly, concise environment inviting conversion from prospect to customer is the end goal.

The key to profiting from social media and local search efforts is controlling your online business identity with a well planned course of action.

The first step in doing so is to join the community – get started with your social media profiles and confirm your local search listings if you haven’t already.

Then be sure to populate your listings and profiles with photos, website links, video, coupons, promotional offers, customers reviews…lather, rinse, repeat for all local search environments and chosen social media outlets.

If you want to start profiting from social media and local search efforts, first you need to start planning for success. Launch your business into the social local stratosphere, then accurately track and calculate your return on investment.

What is your second biggest fear when it comes to local social digital and mobile marketing?

We’re sure the primary fear is losing money!