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The economy is in the tank, unemployment is stagnant at critical levels, and profits for the average Carlsbad small business are enveloped in a seemingly accelerated downward spiral.

If this is something your local business has experienced over the past couple few years, we don’t have any answers for you.

But we do have some questions.

How locally visible is your small business on the Internet?

This one goes without saying, but we’ll go ahead and repeat the social local mobile digital marketing connectivity come small business communications mantra as long as there are clueless businesses still out there in Carlsbad.

We’re reaching here, but we suppose the primary responsibility of any local business is to provide a product or service to the community.

But how does your local community learn about your location, your services, products, or what your loyal customers say?

In a word (or two), the Internet.


What motivates your customers?

Some people are motivated by cost, others by convenience, and others by exclusivity and elegance.

Do you know what motivates your customers?

If you don’t know the answers, then you haven’t been doing a very good job of communicating with the very people responsible for the fiscal health of your small business.

Motivation can come in different forms; from a no sales-tax day, to sponsoring a local little league team, to a simple financial incentive, the smart Carlsbad small businesses are already diversifying. The businesses we’re talking about are taking advantage of new opportunities rather than remaining complacent in a losing situation.

Whether these new opportunities for local small business communications involve super heroes, super submarine sandwiches, or super stoked happy hours; is up to you to decide. Local economic factors, geographic interests, and community involvement will dictate your success.

One thing will dictate your failure…not properly motivating your customers.

How do your prices & products compare to your competitors?

We know, that’s classified.

Too bad the general public has taken to figuring it out themselves, without the help of wikileaks.

Despite your best efforts to keep your prices secret (by not having your products available online), we can still determine the cost – and even the value – by seeing what people say about their experience with your products, prices, and personnel.

We can see all of this digital word of mouth with s few simple keystrokes of your products, services, or actual business name.

With service businesses like home remodeling for instance, what’s more important than your rate or estimates is how well you communicate the effort, expertise, and effects of the very services you provide.

If people are shopping strictly on price, you’re done anyway – there’s always someone out there that will do the work for less money. But is it really the same work?

In the case of a new bathroom for instance, it is up to you to communicate your craftsman expertise and quality of materials to your customers. Maybe you offer one day dental crowns or single visit appointments. Or on the other hand, maybe your dental crowns are finely precision-tuned specific smile solutions custom fit to each different dental patient.

Whatever it is, the responsibility is yours.

You need to communicate with the local community, let us know why your Carlsbad small business should be the only choice for our hard-earned dollars.