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Technology is merging with user habits, allowing us to instantly connect with local businesses and even see what others have to say about their specific purchasing experience, patronizing every place from the local pub to the neighborhood apothecary.

In our ongoing efforts to promote effective social, local, and mobile San Diego small business digital marketing, we’re going highlight a couple specific examples of mainstream television advertising that can have a significant impact on local business, no matter the industry, product, or service.

Where will Angie lead us from here?

We’re social animals.

It doesn’t matter if we just got the newest incarnation of the iPhone or a root canal, we love to talk about and share our experience with others.

For local small business marketing, word of mouth is what we’re describing – only now its gone digital, above and beyond those that know us and into full-on Kevin Bacon six degrees of social separation mode!

We share all the details and even offer opinions on things we have zero idea of what we’re talking about.

But that doesn’t stop us…you can’t stop progress, right?

SO…what do you think of Angie’s List®…where will she lead us from here?

Local knowledge rules!

When we search for products or services online, the search engines generally know where we are searching from…and they provide results accordingly.

The virtual land rush that is local search optimization for the neighborhood retail small business is underway. We’re sure you’re getting the hard sell every day with cold calls, in-store visits, and even personal visits from the 500 pound gorilla on the block – Google.

As with all opportunity, it’s better to get listed sooner rather than later.

Google Places, Yahoo Local, & Bing Local.

Confirm your listings, populate your profiles, optimize your website (or get one asap), publish a blog, and pursue local search optimization.

The time to adapt is now or you will slowly watch profits drop and new customer flow diminish.

These info aggregators are also responsible for the accurate dissemination of your NAP info across the digital landscape – business name, address, phone number – court their love…or pay them (or some canine loving local digital marketing professional) to do it for you.

InfoUSA (Universal Business Listing)

There are more, and the recommended due diligence is not just a fear tactic employed as a desperate way to elicit more local Carlsbad business!

Go mobile.

What’s most important about all of this digital marketing buzz is probably the most fundamental reason for success.

Mobile internet access is growing at an exponential rate, and will soon be our chosen method for connecting to the internet. More likely, what we see now is happening now.


How is your San Diego small business planning to capitalize on this opportunity?

Verizon® kinda puts it all into perspective in one thirty second TV spot:

We’re really not trying to pitch any particular service; it’s just a funny commercial.

We’re trying to push, prod, and cajole local Carlsbad small businesses to go SoLoMo with their digital marketing.

Is your business prepared to communicate with your customers and surrounding community using social media and mobile technology?

Is your local small business visible in the most popular local search environments?

Is your online community business identity accessible and formatted for interaction through mobile device?

That just happened!