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How Does A Local Business Use Nextdoor?

Nextdoor Business Pages for Local Businesses

How Local Businesses Use Nextdoor

“One in four households in the United States is active on the Nextdoor app.”

Sound like a good place to have an active presence?

Let’s take a look at how local business owners can use Nextdoor as a customer recommendation & referral engine.

First, some background on what the Nextdoor app is, why local businesses should be on there, and how people (and businesses) use Nextdoor. (more…)

The Only Thing A Local Business Needs From Yelp

Do Local Businesses Need Yelp

Do Local Businesses Need Yelp?

Of course not, Yelp needs local businesses.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a fan of Yelp, Yelp Ads, Yelp reviews, Yelpers, or anything even loosely associated with Yelp. This is 100% my opinion based on past experience with clients’ experience on the platform.

Having said all that, I believe a Yelp Business listing is an essential local citation to claim, verify & optimize for any local business – and it’s 100% free to do that.

What’s not free are Yelp Ads, and in my opinion, they are a complete waste of money for damn near any business.

But, you’re not here to read some Yelp rant, those abound out there on the interweb. What we’ll tackle with this post is why & how to claim, verify & optimize your Yelp Business page.

How to Claim Your Yelp Business Page

Yelp Business pages are nothing new, but many local businesses still have unclaimed listings out there that could be hurting their overall online visibility. (more…)

How Your Carlsbad Business Can Get Voice Reviews on Google

Writing Reviews Is a Pain, Ask Customers to Tell You How They Really Feel


For a lot of Carlsbad business owners, generating customer reviews at a consistent clip can be somewhat of a challenge.

But it doesn’t have to be, and it certainly doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition – whether you’re a doctor or dentist using reviews & retention software or a local eatery offering a more grass-roots approach.

Google tends to get most of the reviews attention, but best practice is to offer your customers options.

Maybe some prefer Facebook, or Yelp (eeeek!), or even Angieslist.

Instead of asking your customers to write a review on Google, ask them to talk into the microphone and give you a voice review.  (more…)

Do You Capture Reviews At Your Business?

If your business uses a tablet or computer setup onsite for customers to post online reviews, you are playing with fire.

All business owners have been fervently pursuing the seemingly ubiquitous online review since this whole social media, local search, and mobile connectivity train took off several years ago. It seems like everywhere we search online, reviews are front and center, whether we’re searching for a pair of new running shoes or a Proctologist.

No On-site Review Generation

To be certain, online reviews are a major selling point to prospective consumers…regardless of the product or service we are researching.

But does it make sense for your local Carlsbad business to have an on-site review kiosk, tablet, or in-office station setup to capture the oh so precious online review?

Should Carlsbad Businesses Capture Reviews Onsite?


Here are 2 reasons why… (more…)

10 Dos & Don’ts for Acquiring More Online Reviews


Does Your Business Really Need Reviews?

In today’s digital world business owners must incorporate some type of online review strategy in order to effectively communicate and amplify the all-important digital word of mouth communication that drives their new customer acquisition efforts.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a mobile dog walking business, local Mom & Pop retailer, or a multi-national franchise, your business NEEDS a constant stream of authentic customer reviews, particularly on Google.


Because reviews are a local ranking signal Google uses in determining your prominence & authenticity.

Eliciting, capturing and broadcasting online reviews for the average business is not rocket science…and it’s not expensive. (more…)

How Google Buying Zagat Impacts Carlsbad Small Business

Not everybody can lay claim to waking up every day and making a successful living doing something they love.

If creating and sharing culinary creations is what your Carlsbad small business is all about, you already understand the tremendous value provided in nurturing and cultivating the online review.

From five-star foo foo joint to back alley eco-friendly food truck, people talk about their culinary experiences. (more…)