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Social media for your Carlsbad business is an easy and cost-effective way to maintain communication with your customers when they are not in your store or business.

Local search is an essential ingredient to any business concerned with how people find them online.

And mobile compatibility should be on your radar if it’s not already generating return on investment and adding more local dollars to your small business’ bottom line.

For a lot of us, our business existed – and prospered in some cases – without (or before) all of this Internet mumbo jumbo.

Isn’t all of this digital marketing stuff for kids and geeky shut-ins who’d rather slam away on a keyboard rather than gulp some fresh air?

It is essential for us to realize this most fundamental and foundational element of local Carlsbad small business digital marketing success.

Like Lotto, we need to be in it to win it.

As local business owners we hear about all the advantages social media, or listen to a cross-section of customers, colleagues, family members, and caffeine addicted bloggers…but we don’t take action.

And forget about local search and mobile integration, those are otherworldly terms that spark feelings of dread from some local small business owners.

Dread because we don’t know what this stuff means, and think we’re getting shined on for useless services directed at making the ad agency or marketing company money, not the local mom & pop.

Online is where it’s at folks, and it’s not for just the kids and cool people trend setters any longer.  Its soccer Moms, doting Dads, yuppies, students, thirtysomethings, and even formerly technically averse grandparents have jumped on board the SoLoMo train.

When we want a friend or family member’s opinion about a product or service, we ask – social media.

When we are looking for products or services, we search online – local search.

How we access this digital environment to search or speak, is shifting – mobile integration.

Communication used to be one to one. Now it’s many to many…and digital marketing is our force multiplier.

Technology + Communication = digital word of mouth for the local Carlsbad small business.

And word of mouth is as grass-roots and cost-effective as we can get.

Social media, local search, digital whatever, and mobile this or that, are all TOOLS allowing our local Carlsbad small businesses to effectively communicate using this digital medium we all flock to before the sleep is even out of our eyes.

In the last 30 days, how many people searched online for products or services you currently provide?

To further narrow it down, wouldn’t it be great if you could determine how many people searched online for similar terms right in our immediate Carlsbad area?

You can find the answer to dynamic keyword research here – at least according to Google.

Go nuts, play around…and envision your local Carlsbad digital marketing potential!