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blog·o·sphere: noun – Personal websites and blogs collectively. Google Search

Or, the blogosphere is made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that blogs exist together as a connected community (or as a collection of connected communities) or as a social network in which everyday authors can publish their opinions.

Still yet, the term blogosphere describes the information available on blogs and/or the sub-culture of those who create and use blogs. By its nature, the blogosphere tends to be democratic, inclusive, and encourages two-way communication between its participants.

Whatever this blogosphere means to you really doesn’t matter.

What it means to your customers, family, friends, colleagues, constituents, and local community, is what really matters – a great deal.

We’re not here to debate your local business’s need for a blog, that argument already passed.

The bums have lost Lebowski! top_5_reasons_why_your_san_diego_small_business_needs_a_blog

Trite movie quotes aside, let’s examine the top five reasons why your local Carlsbad small business needs to be part of the blogosphere.

Why does the average Carlsbad small business need a blog?

1. You Are a Community Expert in the Local Area, Start Acting Like One.

Whether you sell art in Carlsbad on Sundays only, or grind away every day of the week constructing the ultimate sandwich, YOU are a local community expert in your area of concentration.

Whatever you sell, whichever service you provide, you need to start communicating and acting like the expert that you are. A blog goes a long way toward initiating that local expert status.

Would you rather one of your competitor’s show you the way?

Don’t delay any longer, start publishing a blog now. Load it with content, product feeds, community news, staffing communications, announcements, updates, educational articles to better use your products or services…

top_5_reasons_why_your_san_diego_small_business_needs_a_blogThe list goes on…and we’ll arm you with some of the “What to publish in your blog” info in a later post.

You need to communicate beneficial information to your customers and your local community when they are not in your store or office.

Your small business blog will broadcast this info, in a consistent and relevant manner. Your small business blog will also act as a ‘content engine’ for your website.

How’s that going…how’s your Google Page Rank…how many incoming links…???

OK, one mountain at a time. But, simply adding a blog to your website will immediately improve performance – IF you utilize the tool correctly and consistently.

Bottom line is; your local business has something to say…your blog allows this message to be heard.

What’s your message?

2. You Can Make More Money

Yeah, we agree – most bloggers (present company included) don’t make much money.

But do most bloggers have a functioning brick and mortar small business already in operation?

You do.

With lots patience and even more writing, you can make money through advertising and other income-generating activities with a blog.

But that’s not the point here, with an already in existence Carlsbad small business, you can increase sales, reduce customer attrition, and improve productivity – all by effectively delivering a consistent message through your small business blog.

How you ask? top_5_reasons_why_your_san_diego_small_business_needs_a_blog

Product feeds, customer communications, promotional offers, events, increase website traffic, increase online visibility…again, we’ll concentrate more on the application and execution in another post.

We’re still trying to convince you why you need a blog for your local Carlsbad small business.

Besides, this is only Part 1 – tune in next week for the real meaty, money-making reasons why your local business NEEDS to become an active participant within the blogosphere!