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Carlsbad small businesses are feeling the economic crunch; we can probably continue this post with minimal blow-back from that claim.

But inside of all this doom and gloom, the smart San Diego small businesses are adjusting to change.

The smart small businesses in town are adapting to this transition, this shift in digital marketing communications.

They are actively overcoming the challenges a stymied economy and sky-rocketing unemployment rate represent to local Carlsbad small businesses.

And that’s only two challenges.

Not to mention customer attrition, cost increases, utilities, employees, making sure the cash register is ringing, and squeaking out a profit.

 dog_bones_top_5_reasons_why_your_san_diego_small_business_needs_a_blogWe’d bet bag of Muttropolis pig’s ears to a dozen VG’s Donuts, most of these so-called smart local businesses are employing some type of real simple syndication as an integral part of their digital marketing plan.

If only the world existed on donuts and dog treats…we can dream, but we’ll throw you a bone too.

Here’s Part 2 of why your local Carlsbad business needs to publish a consistent blog presence.

3. To Have Fun and Be Creative…and to Court Google Love

Yeah, starting a blog is fun…right up until you recognize the need to monetize your blog, from there on out its hard work.

But hard work can be fun; and when you’re increasing the bottom line communicating with your potential and existing customers, that’s fun!

One of the most important keys to success as a whole, never mind blogging; is passion.

You are passionate about your business, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it – right?

Whatever you need to do to go find that passion, do it. If you’re passionate, you won’t quit, and you’ll communicate with purpose.

You can certainly be creative, just understand a blog is not your outlet to showcase your creativity – unless it’s centered around YOUR BUSINESS.

Fun and creativity work and convert visitors to customers, but keep the priorities in check.

Your blog is meant to educate your customers, help recruit news customers, communicate better with existing ones, but the primary goal with your blog should be to increase website traffic and online visibility for your small business.

Big jump skipping over lots of hard work, but that should result in the increased new customers, happier existing loyal customers, and the communication should definitely improve productivity.

When it comes to running a business, offline or online – what else is there?

We won’t get all esoteric on you now, you need only to conduct your own research to confirm what we’re about to say.

A blog goes a long way toward not only increasing online visibility for your local Carlsbad small business, but also toward supplying Google with the necessary content they so lavishly spread around the Internet.

Google’s recent (last year?) shift into their Panda ranking algorithm…we’re losing you already aren’t we?

Put it this way; Google used to be a lot more easily manipulated with things like link exchanges, link farms, and other assorted black-hat SEO techniques.

Maybe not easily manipulated, but in the past spammers and unscrupulous internet marketers could skew things in their favor with a few well-placed links.

OK, more than a few.

top_5_reasons_why_your_san_diego_small_business_needs_a_blogWait…Wake up!

You were reading about why your local small business needs a blog; we’ll get on with it and save you the background BS.

Bottom line: Google now counts on CONTENT more so than in the past to rank websites on the search engine results pages.

A blog is THE content engine of your small business.

Your Blog + Your Carlsbad Small Business = More Google Love

We all want more love, right?

4. You Want to Venture into e-Commerce.


Take your products and services, slap them on the good ‘ol world wide webternet, and ipso facto, you’ll be penning the next best-selling affiliate based e-book on How to Make Internet Millions.

Aside from the monumental and tedious undertaking of offering a way for people to purchase your wares online, you’ll soon realize e-commerce is a seemingly ongoing process of publish, test, market, track, analyze, refine, adjust, rinse, lather, repeat.

Same goes for a blog, aside from the previously mentioned product feeds, a blog can give your customers insight into how to best use your products.

Maybe how to fix them if something goes wrong, maybe best practices tips for cleaning a camera lens or pickling cucumbers…or cleaning a piece of upholstery.

It doesn’t matter; a blog needs to be used in conjunction with any e-commerce efforts.

Remember how a blog can act as your content engine?

If you’re concerned at all with expanding your online scope of influence within the local (online) community, giving your Carlsbad small business a digital representation within the blogosphere is prerequisite number one.

5. Connect with Your Customers & Local Community

Yes, acting like an expert, helping people better understand, use and care for your products could all be potential benefits realized from your small business blog.

You’re making a difference, and these are all ways to connect with your community and existing or potential customers.

Your blog acts as the town crier for your business message; this will allow others to connect with you, your business, your customers, and your local community.

It’s your very own Carlsbad small business news feed.

Simply publishing beneficial content, news, stories, customer testimonials, specials, philanthropic causes, or even just stupid bouts of non-offensive attempts at humor, will immediately offer people another way to connect with your business.

As Americans, we all like choices right…isn’t it best to offer your constituents the power of choice on how they’d like to consume your content?

Share your comments, questions, snide remarks, debunking info, name-calling, or just general rants!

Aside from spending the past 2 mins reading our terribly confusing, pedantic attempts at blog humor, here is some more helpful info that we had no hand in creating.

Our Top 5 Rated Blog Platforms

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. LiveJournal
  4. Typepad
  5. Joomla

Or, just check out this blog post for more suggestions on 2011 Best Blog Software Comparisons and Reviews.