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Apple Launches “Maps Connect” Self-Service Local Listings Portal


Apple “Maps Connect” is a new self-service tool designed to get your local business data directly into Apple Maps. For most Carlsbad businesses your info will most likely already be listed – BUT you will still need to claim the listing to ensure consistency of the data.

Apple Maps Connect enables the DIY business owners (in the US only – for now) or their authorized representatives (not agencies at present) to be able to quickly and easily claim & edit your business listing directly in Apple Maps.

This service is totally free – as it should be – and the listings (or corrected listings) appear on Apple Maps on desktop computers & mobile phones or tablets.


Apple Maps for Carlsbad Businesses

How to Add Your Carlsbad Business Data Directly into Apple Maps


Primarily the business name, address, & phone info is most important. Then it’s just a matter of choosing the correct categories, connecting your social media profiles, and verifying your Apple Maps listing.

Users sign in with their Apple IDs and passwords. If you don’t have an Apple ID you have to create one. Below are some screen shots showing the steps involved in the sign-up & claims process.

Just make sure you are consistent with every other local listing or search engine listing (like Yelp, or Google My Business..etc.) you have already claimed. Best practice is to be VERY specific, for example:


1015 Chestnut Ave. Ste B

Carlsbad, CA. 92008-2564

If you list a suite number or other address variant, be consistent – if you use “Ste” use that everywhere, if you use Suite or #…use that on every listing you claim.

Same goes for the business name – be consistent on EVERY listing you have claimed.

Business owners basically have two choices:

  1. Edit the existing information that Apple Maps has on your business.
  2. Add a new location – for businesses that are new (obviously), or are not listed in Apple Maps currently.

Here’s the step by step breakdown of each method.

Claim Your Carlsbad Business Location In Apple Maps Connect


Step 1: Go here to login to Apple Maps Connect:

Step 2: Sign-in using your existing Apple ID (you may want to create a business only ID).

Step 3: Search for your business by name & location.
Is Your Carlsbad Business on Apple Maps?

Step 4: If your business is listed, click the ‘Claim This Business’ button.

Adding Your Carlsbad Business to Apple Maps

Step 5: Indicate you are the business owner, choose the “This place is open” drop-down, and click ‘Continue.’

Step 5: Verify your listing by clicking the “Verify Now” pop-up and be prepared to answer the main business line phone to receive your 4 digit confirmation code.

Step 7: Enter the code and you’re good to go!

If your business is not listed in Apple Maps currently – when you searched for it by name and address, you will need to add a new business. Follow the directions below to add a brand new listing to Apple Maps.

Add Your Carlsbad Business Data Directly Into Apple Maps


For local business owners that need to add a new business to Apple Maps, follow these directions:

Step 1: Go here to login to Apple Maps Connect:

Step 2: Sign-in using your existing Apple ID (you may want to create a business only ID).

Step 3: Search for your business to be sure it’s not already listed – then if not, click the “Add New Business” link.


Adding Your Carlsbad Business to Apple Maps


Step 4: Complete the necessary info remembering to BE CONSISTENT with all other local listings & citations.


Adding a Carlsbad Business Apple Map Listing


Step 5: Verify your listing by clicking the “Call Me Now” link – the call will happen almost immediately. Make sure you main business phone number is listed, and write down the 4 digit code the automated call will give you. (After you press 1 indicating you are expecting the call)


Verify your Carlsbad business on Apple Maps


Step 6: Move the map marker pin to the correct location.

Carlsbad Business Location Apple Maps


Step 7: Choose the correct categories & sub-categories.


Apple Maps Business Categories Carlsbad Businesses

Step 8: Indicate your business hours.
Apple Maps Carlsbad Business Hours

Step 9: Add your social media links.

Apple Maps Carlsbad Business Social Media Profiles

Step 10: Re-Verify your listing and click the “Submit to Apple” button.

Apple Maps for Carlsbad Businesses


Verifying Carlsbad Businesses in Apple Maps Connect


Apple Maps PIN Verification for Carlsbad Businesses


You’re finished!

As the screen shots indicate, phone verification is in real time. You will receive an automated call with a code that you need to enter into the appropriate space. Supposedly businesses can also verify later using an email address that’s the same as your website URL – but why wait, take the 10 minutes to make sure customers and prospective new customers can find your Carlsbad business using their iPhone, iPad, or Mac on Apple Maps!

According to this article on, your updated info or new listing(s) – you’ll need to rinse, lather, repeat if you have multiple locations – should show up within a week or could show up more quickly depending on the situation and whether the listing was flagged and/or there’s additional verification required.

Beyond this, Apple has additional fraud prevention measures in place but didn’t discuss them extensively.

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